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Scout appears on ER TV show

Don't miss the "Shot in the Dark" episode of the hit TV series "ER" which features a working Guide Horse.  The show will air on Thursday, December 2nd at 10:00 PM (9:00 PM Central).

This started when we were told by the producers of the hit television show “ER” that they wanted to include a blind person with a Guide Horse in an upcoming episode. The writer Joe Sachs had read about Dan and Cuddles in Newsweek and decided that guide horses deserved a place in his series.

We loaned them the excellent guide horse Scout for the filming shortly after Scout won third-place in the World Championship miniature horse competition.

The Guide Horses have an excellent relationship with Delta airlines and Delta trains their flight attendants about working with passengers with Guide Horses.

The pilot personally welcomed Scout aboard during his pre-flight announcement.

Impressed with the good manners and working demeanor of the Guide Horses, Delta included the Guide Horse Foundation in an article in their Delta Sky magazine:


Dan Shaw,  Don and Janet Burleson spent nearly a week on the Warner Bros. stage helping with the filming of the ER episode.   Donna flew from Houston to Hollywood with Pal to join us for the first  Guide Horse user reunion.

The stars and staff of ER were enthralled with Scout and the Guide Horse program. 

Noah Wyle (Dr. Carter) was very personable and warm, telling us that he too was a miniature horse owner and as such was  familiar with their intelligence and calm nature. 


“I’ve have both big horses and mini’s on my farm and I know how smart they are”, Noah said.  “It’s a real pleasure to meet you, Scout”.

Scout stood perfectly still and nuzzled Dr. Carter when he petted him, making for an irresistible scene.  The producers and directors were pleased with Scout's premier performance complementing him  on his excellent work on the set.

Maura Tierney (Abby) was super-nice and she seemed quite impressed with Scout's professional demeanor during the grueling 4-day filming. 

It was a pleasant surprise to see how down-to-earth and friendly everyone was on the set.

As anyone who watches ER knows,  the set is bustling with dozens of actors running in every direction and to his credit Scout remained composed despite the chaos of coordinating the complex scenes. Refusing to spook in even the scariest situations.

“This horse is going to be a big star”, the director announced to the room:  “You had better treat him with respect since he could be the next Mr. Ed”. 






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