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It's a Girl!

We had a new addition to the family this morning (March 29, 2004) at 2:00 AM.  She is a 3-colored Tobiano Bay filly with loud red-and-white pinto marking and a black mane and tail.


She is 21 inches tall and weighs-in at 18 lbs.  Her registered name is "Smokey's Escapade" (Essey for short), and this name is appropriate because her Dad Smokey tore-down the gate to the mare herd last year (while I was at the IOUG conference) and had his way with Miracle.  

Her mother "Miracle", was previously owned by the Vivi DuPont, and Miracle lost her mother at birth and was bottle-fed (hence the name "Miracle"). 

Consequently, Miracle thinks she is human, and could never understand why we put her outside with horses!  She insisted on having her first foal (Rainey) indoors, and we had a lot of explaining to do with the carpet cleaning man.


     Here is a photo of Miracle father, "Abe Lincoln"

We had Miracle on 24-hour foal watch, complete with streaming video and audio, yet she managed to catch us napping at 2:00 AM and she gave birth to a healthy tri-colored Tobiano Bay filly.












Miracle and baby are now in the house (thank God she's housebroken) and mother and baby are now watching a

Western movie on TV.  Janet is wasting no-time spoiling the baby, and she should be complete spoiled rotten by next week.


This new baby is the 49th horse on our farm. 

These horses generate over a half-ton of horse poo every day.  That's a lotta horsesh__. . .