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Miniature Horse Barns

We have created several styles of Miniature Horse Barns to provide shelter for the miniature horses. These miniature horse barn shelters are designed for the specific needs of miniature horses and these miniature horse barns provide a complete shelter for all outdoor activities.

Victorian Style Miniature Horse Barn

This is a practical miniature horse barn, combining the Victorian style with the utility of a well-vented roof.  This miniature horse barn design retains heat and provides shade, all while allowing for the proper ventilation that is critical to the health of the Miniature Horse.


Dimensions:              8 feet wide by 8 feet long
                                  3.5 feet to gables and 5 feet at apex of roof
Materials Cost:         Approximately $240
Construction Time:   Approximately 45 hours



Carolina Model Miniature Horse Barn

This pragmatic miniature horse barn combines elegant style with easy access. The slanted roof design provides adequate ventilation while providing easy access for both the miniature horse and the groom.  The custom-designed upper door hinge design allows a six-foot human access to the barn for cleaning while providing warmth in the winter and shade in the summer months.  This miniature horse barn design is the ideal combination of easy construction and safe miniature horse barn design.


Dimensions:               8 feet wide by 8 feet long
                                 Four feet to gables and 6.5 feet at apex of roof
Materials Cost:          Approximately $190
Construction time:     Approximately 25 hours


Large Herd Miniature Horse Barns

This miniature horse barn is designed for protection from the elements. The design is ideal for protection from the elements, providing warmth in the winter and protection from thunderstorms.


Dimensions:                  8 feet wide by 12 feet long
                                    Four feet to 2nd tier and 6.5 feet at apex of roof
Materials Cost:             Approximately $290
Construction time:         Approximately 45 hours




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