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Jennifer Burleson

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Another scientist joins the fold

Congratulations go out to our daughter Jenny on earning her Bachelors of Science degree in Business administration (BSBA), graduating Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of over 3.9!

Jen has obviously inherited my brains, but I’ll forgive her 3.9. Everybody needs a few B’s to keep them humble. . . .

Jen was also inducted into the prestigious Beta Gamma Sigma honor society and Mu Kappa Tau national marketing honor society! With a degree in marketing, I expect her to be quite the scientist.




She has snagged a good job as a junior systems analyst, and her future looks bright! I hear that her boss is terrific. . . . .

Her brother Andy finished up last year and he continues to study for his MBA, just like Dad.

Jennifer Burleson skydiving

Jen was reluctant to do this, but afterwards, she was glad that she did.  Growing-up is all about conquering fears!




Jennifer Burleson practicing her markswomanship

Jennifer likes to shoot guns, and she has gotten to be quite deadly with a handgun:


Jennifer Burleson scuba diving

My daughter Jen is a real treat when it comes to learning the life lessons in dangerous sports. Jennifer pouts, whines and cries, all in a vain attempt to get me to back-off.

But I’m as stubborn as she is, and I win-out even if it involves a little trickery (I booked and paid for her parachute jump before I told her about it).

For example, on her first scuba dive, Jen was so terrified she was literally shaking. As she sat on the edge of the boat I asked “If you don’t make it, can I have your stuff”?

Of course, Jen soon learned to love scuba diving and she is now quite fearless, going farther and deeper than me!

Jennifer Burleson and Jennifer Adkins

We have a real problem with non-unique names around here and much of it is due to parents choosing “common” names for their children. We have multipleRobert’s John’s and Jen’s, and at first we tried to give each of them “descriptive” names (i.e. "Fat" Robert, "Nuclear" Terry, "Colonel" John, etc.) but it didn’t seem fair to label people that way, so we started numbering them.

Jennifer Burleson is now Jen1, and Jennifer Adkins is Jen3:




Jennifer Burleson helping with horses

Jennifer has been riding for about 10 years now, and she is comfortable at "rated" Arabians shows.  She is almost ready to start riding stallions.








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