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Cassie has a filly!

Janet's favorite mini mare, Cassie, had her second foal last Sunday.  We were expected her sooner and Janet spent four restless nights sleeping in the barn on foal watch before we move Cassie to the horsepital to have her foal.

She foaled at the horse hospital, and she came out as a Palomino, quite a surprise since Dad (Smokey) is a Bay and Cassie is a Buckskin.

Mother and child are doing well together, and we are hoping that there might be some extra milk left over so I can try making mini-horse ice cream.

She is about 18 pounds right now and she has her Dad's big eyes, and we await her official name from Janet.

She follows Mom everywhere.

All legs at one week old, the baby should grow to Cassie's size, about 300 lbs. at 33 inches tall.

All of the other ponies were very excited to see a new foal, especially since Cassie is the head mare and rules the herd.

Like all babies, she sleeps alot, and Cassie keeps a watchful eye over her.

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