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Delicious Cat Milk

Cats milk has long been a popular gourmet food in eastern Europe and it is a highly-prized and precious commodity.

Cat milk always has a smooth finish and often has subtle seafood undertones, making cat milk a prized delicacy all across Europe.

With cat's milks robust undertones, cat milk is now joining the gourmet scene as one of the most coveted treats on the world.  Let’s take a closer look at cat milk and see why cat milk is taking the world by storm.

 More teats, more milk

In the dairy industry it has long been observed that cats have double the teats of cows, hence twice the source of pure cat milk:

     Breed     Number of teats
     horses    2 teats
     cows      4 teats
     cats      8 teats
     dogs      10 teats

The cat milk craze can be traced to the Middle Ages when drinking cats milk was a sign of being erudite and showed that you had veracity and the patience to milk the cats.  Infinitely varied, cat milk is heavily influenced by breed, and cats milk from Siamese cats is the most highly prized, while the milk of larger cats (Tigers & Lions) has a more robust flavor.

Over the next decade we expect a large number of cat milk dairy product prototypes including "Pussy Whip" and "I can't believe it's Cat Butter".


As cats milk grew in mystique, so did the cat milking legends.  In the USA, the yearly cat herding ritual has become legendary, as you can see from this cat herding video:

Cat milk is indescribably creamy and rich, with a high butterfat content.  Far better than pig milk of dog milk, and has a slight yellow color from the rich butterfat. 

A short history of cat milk

Far higher in nutrients than cow milk, cat's milk has been a gourmet delicacy for centuries.  Scientific studies show that cats milk is highest in protein, one-third more than dog milk:


% DM

% fat

% protein

% sugar

% ash

























For centuries, dairy products from goats and other small mammals has been highly-prized. 

In the 1990's a craze for cat milk took the culinary community by-storm, showing the gastronomic merits of cat milk, especially in France and Germany.

Gastronomes praised the robust "predatory" flavor of cat milk, although many reported a slightly "gamey" flavor, like the prized white tiger milk that is preferred for soufflés in the world finest restaurants. 

Clearly, the cat milk craze is not just a flash in the pan.  Yes, it's true that as cat milk grows in popularity so, with the demand, so savvy investors are starting cat dairy ranches in record numbers.

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